Optimal Car Air Conditioning for the Summer Heat

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The summer sun is here, school is out, temps are rising, and it’s time to stay cool. Driving around in the summer can be a huge drain if your car’s air conditioning isn’t working properly. Recent surveys indicated that over 75% of cars are in need of some sort of minor repairs. Among those minor repairs are often A/C maintenance. The good news is that taking your car into an auto repair shop for A/C maintenance is only necessary if you haven’t been taking good care of your vehicle. As one of the leading auto repair shops in the area, here are some of our top tips to keep your car A/C cool this summer:

Tips to Keep Air Conditioning In Check

Luckily for you, air conditioning repair is much easier than going in for brake service or new belts and hoses. In fact, keeping your A/C in check is more like an oil change or tune-up service (except in rare situations). Here are some tips and tricks from your favorite auto repair shop.

Avoid Pre-Cooling the Car: As tempting as it is to turn the car on and “pre-cool” the vehicle, air conditioning is designed to work best while the car is actually moving. The faster the engine turns, the faster the air conditioning compressor runs. The air conditioning compressor is what actually cools your car. Attempting to pre-cool the car is mostly just a waste of time and gas. If the cabin is really hot, crank up the fans when you first start driving and open the rear windows for about 20-30 seconds. This will force all of the hot air out of the car and help cool off the interior. Opening the front windows will only move the heat out of the front of the car, leaving the back hot. Make sure to open the back windows.

Use Lower Temps and Lower Fans: Setting the temperature to the lowest setting and adjusting the fans to a slower setting is much more efficient for car air conditioning. As an auto repair shop, we have also noticed that this doesn’t dry out the air as much and can increase fuel efficiency in a vehicle. The traditional A/C system in a car is set to cool air to 38 degrees. Setting the temperature higher forces the system to heat the air back up, which takes more fuel.

Avoid Recirculating Air: Especially if there are passengers in the back seat, turn off recirculation mode. This will take air from the front of the car and pull it back through the system, which keeps the front of the car cool but the back of the car hot and stale. Not something your passengers are going to like!

The Stop/Start System: Many new cars come with an automatic stop/start system. These features save fuel by stopping your car engine when at a red light or in heavy traffic and automatically start it again as you begin to move forward. While this can save some fuel, it also stops the A/C compressor from running when the engine is off. In very hot weather you will definitely notice the lack of cool at a lengthy stoplight or in stop and go traffic.

Clean the Filter: If you aren’t super confident doing this on your own, bring it into an auto repair shop and we can help you. Ensuring the cabin air filter is clean will help promote optimal airflow. If there is a lot of dirt accumulated on the air filter, it is time for a change. Typically the air filter is accessible from behind the glove compartment and only takes a few minutes to replace. Often the replacement can be done as part of an oil change service, or just done by your own. If the air filter isn’t behind the glove compartment and you aren’t sure how to locate it, bring your car in for a tune-up and an auto repair shop can help keep your A/C running prime this summer.

The American Market for Japanese Car Imports

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The automotive industry is one of the largest in the entire world, with tens of millions of cars being both built and sold around the world every year. Some of the biggest car producers include the United States, Germany, and Japan, which make some of the world’s most popular car brands. One may consider Japan in particular, which became an economic powerhouse in the 20th century and makes staple brands such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru, among others. Across the Pacific Ocean, the United States stands as one of Japan’s large trade partners, and many Japanese import cars are accepted in the United States every year. Many American consumers look for popular Japanese brands of cars or trucks to buy, and many dealers may offer these cars on their lots. But that’s not all. The auto aftermarket is formidable, and owners of Honda, Toyota, or Nissan cars may look for

Sustainability Should Be More Than Just A Sentiment Installing An Electric Car Charging Station In 2019

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Sustainability is a term you hear a lot. It seems to apply to nearly everything we do.

When it comes to the electric car? It’s the whole reason for its existence. With natural gas a rapidly dwindling resource, the commercial electric car remains one of our best hopes for uninterrupted, quality transportation. Cultivating this means moving beyond sentiment and creating a more accessible world for these innovative creations, up to and including the commercial charging station. Simply having one on your property will send a message that ripples throughout the world itself.

Should you buy electric car charging stations this year? It’s best not to wait until the last minute. Let’s take a look.

Living in a green world takes work. This is a commitment more than a few companies are working toward. Waste reduction, for starters, is an absolute must — plastic waste is reaching astronomical levels, clogging oceans and helping destroy entire species. Urban po

Taking A Look At The Automotive World

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If you’re looking to buy a car, you are certainly not alone, not here in the United States or just about anywhere else in the world as well. After all, very nearly 80 million cars were sold over the course of the year of 2017 alone. In 2018, MORE than 80 million cars were produced on a global scale. In fact, the June of 2018 saw more than 59,000 Subaru vehicles in and of themselves sold throughout the United States, let alone any other type of vehicle or any other part of the world.
After all, owning a car or another such motor vehicle certainly helps to make life easier. While cities throughout the United States are more likely to have some type of thriving form of public transportation, this is far from the case when it comes to other parts of the country. In more rural areas, any form of public transportation at all is actually quite unlikely. And with things more likely to be spaced far apart, owning a car or other such motor vehicle (such as a light truck) is very much essent

What Is Your Company Doing to Limit Its Transportation Costs?

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Even in a time of digital sales and e-commerce, it is important to make sure that transportation costs are carefully calculated. Delivery costs, in fact, offer one of the points that will determine the success of failure of many companies. This means, of course, that all of the vehicles that are part of any delivery process need to run as efficiently as possible. From the newest diesel fuel filters to the latest fuel lift pumps, every part of a delivery vehicle can play an important role in the efficiency of the vehicles that are important cogs in the transportation industry.
Both diesel fuel pumps and diesel fuel filters are constantly being improved so that the transportation industry of all countries can operate more efficiently. This is importance, of course, as the nation continues to rely more and more on online purchases that need to be delivered.<

What You Should Know About Getting A Car

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Owning an auto is an absolute must for so many people all throughout the United States. After all, auto transport is one of the most reliable out there, especially if you take good care of the auto in question for as long as you own it. Even when access to extensive systems of public transportation are possible, they are not always ideal to take on a regular basis, especially in cases of relying on them for work. Therefore, owning or at least leasing your own auto can be ideal for a number of reasons.
But getting such an auto in the first place can be difficult. After all, cars and other such motor vehicles are more expensive than ever before nowadays, and the prices are only just going to keep increasing – something that just about anyone who has ever bought an auto can attest to. As a matter of fact, a new Chevrolet auto alone cost, on average, $34,000 by the time that we had reached the December of 2017. And many cars are much more expensive than even that.
Fortunately, th

Don’t Risk Engine Failure, Know When Your Fuel Pump Need Replacement

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There are many intricate components that are essential to keeping your car running. While many people place most of the importance on the engine, another crucial component is the fuel pump. If there is an issue with the fuel pump that prevents fuel from moving, the engine will stop working. Truly they go hand in hand.
Many fuel pumps are manufactured to last 100,000 miles, possibly more. It’s possible to find fuel pumps for sale that are second hand; and though buying new is preferable, this is still and option worth mentioning. While there are steps you can take to ensure your fuel pump lasts for as long as possible, it’s prudent to be aware of the signs of a problem. If you’re in need of a replacement pump, you will be able to find fuel pumps for sale; however, unless you know how to safely replace them, you may wish to seek mechanical help.

What Is a Fuel Pump?

The fuel pumps main job is to sip

When Was the Last Time That You Made an Upgrade to the Vehicle That You Drive?

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Finding performance upgrades for electronics for your new car or truck can help you add value and function to the vehicle that you are using. And while some of these improvements may have an impact on the cars that you drive, imagine the impact that they would have on entire fleets of vehicles that are used for delivery purposes.
From common rail injectors to cold air intake kits, there are many ways that you can make sure that the vehicle you drive for personal use of for work is performing at its highest level.
Pickup Trucks, Ambulances, and Airport Shuttle Buses All Perform Better with the Highest Quality Upgrades
Often, individual car owners think that performance upgrades for electronics in the vehicles they drive are necessary if they want to safe energy. The same is true, of course, for entire fleets of vehicles that are used by a city or a private company. Continue Reading No Comments

Hose Clamps for Car Pipes and Tubes

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Hoses are commonly found in vehicle engines, plumbing, and many other applications. For hoses more advanced than a simple garden hose, these hoses may need some extra hardware so that they can get the job done right. For example, in a car’s engine, automotive hose clamps may be found, and these reliable clamps may be stainless hose clamps, embossed clamps, or more. Adjustable hose clamps come in a variety of models, and can be quite convenient to install and use on a pipe, such as in a vehicle engine. When it comes to automotive hose clamps, an automotive engineer can install this hardware without any trouble, and besides automotive hose clamps, hose clamps may be used by plumbers in a person’s house or in a public building’s water utilities. What are the models of automotive hose clamps, and how exactly do they work in their daily functions?

On Clamps

Whether uses as automotive hose clamps or in plumbing or anyw

10 Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Use to Keep Your Car Healthy and Happy

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Everyone knows how much Americans love their cars. Despite this, many do not take as good care of their vehicles as they should. In fact, nearly 77% of cars being driven today need some kind of work to be done, according to a recent survey. More than $60 billion in routine car maintenance goes undone each year. To avoid having your car spending too much time at the automotive shop, here are some things you should do for your car:
  1. Pay close attention to your tires. You can skip needing tire repair at the local automotive shop by doing simple things to keep them in good shape. There are a few things you can do to keep your tires healthy:
  2. Keep an eye on the air pressure. When tires are left underinflated, they are much more likely to be the cause of a serious motor vehicle accident. Once every 30 days, you should take a gauge and look at the pressure of your tires. If you are not sure what the pressure reading should be, take a look at your owner’s manual.
  3. Have your tires rotated. This is something you have to have done at an auto shop. You need to have this done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
  4. Have the wheel alignment checked. This can be done at the same time you have your tires rotated. If your alignment is out of whack, it can cause uneven wear and tear on your tires.
  5. Pay attention to the fluids in your car. You should make it a point to check and change your oil, wiper, brake, power steering, and automatic transmission fluids. These are all needed to keep your vehicle running the way you want it to run.
  6. Take some time to examine your lights. From time to time, it makes sense to put your car in park and then inspect your lights. You should take this time to look at how your turn signals, headlights, brake lights, and tail lights. It is always better to catch these things on your own rather than be pulled over by a police officer. If you find a problem, you can take your car to the local auto repair shop to have it checked out and fixed.
  7. Put in new windshield wipers when you need to. The problems with windshield wipers can sneak up on you. When you find that they are no longer effective at clearing the windows of rain, you should go ahead and switch them out. This is much less expensive than getting in a crash because you cannot see traffic through the rain.
  8. Show your air filter some love. You need to pay attention to the air filters in your HVAC system at home and the same is true about the air filters in your car. One way to tell if you need a new one is to take it out and look at it. When you hold it up to a light, you should be able to see the light coming through the filter. If you cannot, you should get yourself a new one.
  9. Get the debris off of the car. You should keep the exterior of your car clean and free of debris, your paint is your car’s first defense against the world. From time to time, it also makes sense to get any dirt and debris out of the radiator. You can also look to make sure all cables are connected securely and that there is no corrosion in the engine or near the battery.
  10. Take your car in for a checkup from time to time. You go to your primary care doctor for checkups and your car can benefit from the same treatment at the local automotive shop. Having the experts give your car a look-see and tune-up will keep it running longer and better.
Keeping a car or truck on the road longer does take time, energy, and some money. The good news is that you can help yours stay healthy and happy for a long time with minimal trips to the local automotive shop with these simple tips and tricks.