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Buying a Used Car? Recognize the Red Flags! Three Tips on Getting a Good Deal

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Did you know that about 75% of all cars sold in the U.S. are used cars? Like many people searching for used cars, you want to avoid getting what is known as a lemon car. A lemon is a car found to be defective only after it is purchased. Although there are laws to protect you if this happens, you generally want to avoid that hassle and manage to get a good deal at the same time. Here are three tips for making a used car purchase and not getting ripped off. 1. Vehicle Registration Number Research You’ve seen all the ads for companies that will give you a history report of your car, and to be realistic, it’s worth getting even if you have to pay for it. Once you have the vehicle registration number, enter it in and find out what sort of history it has. A report will let you know whether th