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So Many Trailers, So Little Time Choosing the Right RV Model For You

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Airstream camper models, London air, Travel trailers

Few things can make people more antsy and ready to hit the road than gorgeous summer weather. Whether you’re looking to make just a few short camping trips this season or are considering getting into the RV game full-time, the first step is to choose a proper trailer.
There are many decisions you’ll have to make about your trailer, from color to amenities to slide-outs to bedding and more. But let’s start with the basics. Here are some of the most common types of trailers and what you can expect with each.
Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers
These types of trailers are great because they offer extra space in the raised level that sits on top of the flatbed. However, for bigger models, you may need more than just a standard pickup for towing. Make sure you have a heavy duty towing capacity vehi