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When Should you Get your Windshield Repaired?

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Auto glass, Auto glass tucson, Windshield replacement service

Windshield repair tucson
We have all been there. One minute we are driving down the road enjoying the views and the next, we hear a thud and watch as a tiny pebble bounces off of the windshield. We immediately notice a tiny crack in the windshield. The first thing to run through your mind is likely, how much is this going to cost? You assume that it will be expensive and then you wonder when to get your windshield repaired. How long can you put it off until it becomes too large of a problem?

Smaller repairs are more affordable
One thing that many people do not realize is that it is best not to wait for your auto glass repair service. Waiting too long can cause the tiny crack to spread. Once the cra