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I’ve Got A Huge Scratch On The Side Of My Car Can I Fix It Myself?

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Hyundai touch up paint, Mini cooper touch up paint

The cold season might be a time for fond gatherings and delicious food, but your car has a lot of difficulty to look forward to.

Icy roads, constant slush, engine stress…winter isn’t forgiving to vehicles and will likely leave you with a few proverbial scratches and bruises before it gets warm again. When you notice a dent or line in the side of your car door, running to the repair shop is one option you can take. You can also invest in some VW touch up paint to create a nice little side-project just in time for Christmas. The car touch up paint kit is accessible and easy to use, able to properly buff out damage in a matter of hours.

Best of all? You don’t have to wait to restore your car to its former glory.

Touch Up Paint In The Auto Body Industry

The auto body industry is full of resources you can tap into with a s

Why You Should Tint Your Car Windows

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Auto custom interior, Jbl, Marine audio

When people think about detailing or upgrading their car they usually think about upgrading their audio system, installing a backup camera or getting custom interiors. While those upgrades are cool and definitely add value to your car, there is a small but significant detail upgrade you should consider looking into – window tinting.
Most cars these days have tinted windows already installed. They are an excellent safety feature that provides coverage from the sun and disguises valuables that have been left in the car. Window tint gives any car a cool edge.
While it is legal in all 50 states to have some window tinting, each state has a different law about how dark your window tint can get, which is called visible light transmission percentage. This can easily be researched online before you go into a shop to get your windows tinted. It’s safe to have your windows tinted a little bit above the