4 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Auto repair shop, Oil change, Tires for sale

Over time, nearly every automobile is prone to needing repairs. Considering that, your automobile has a section of indicator lights that inform you of any problems. One of the most common lights in this section is the check engine signal. Unfortunately, 10% of automobiles currently being driven have a check engine light on. Making matters worse, 50% of those drivers neglect this warning for over three months. Neglecting this important light means driving a vehicle that isn’t in optimal shape. With that in mind, here are four possible reasons your check engine light is on.

  • Catalytic Converter Issues
    An essential component of any exhaust is the catalytic converter. This device converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Considering that, the catalytic converter is an extremely important part to keep properly maintained. If you’re dealing with a catalytic converter problem, you’ll likely notice strange sounds or smoke emitting from your vehicle. Receiv