Have Fun and Learn Something New When You Purchase Your Next Car

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If you’re planning to buy or lease a car in the near future, you probably have several questions:
    Should I purchase a new or used car?
    How much should I expect to pay?
    Who has the best deal in the area?
    How much does it cost to lease a car?
    Will I need auto financing?
    What features do I need or want?

New Car Purchases

Are you thinking about buying a luxury vehicle? Luxury-branded cars and trucks continue to be popular purchases in the United States. By August of 2014, for example, 1.2 million were sold.
No doubt you’re familiar with General Motors’ leading luxury brand, Cadillac, which has been held in high esteem since 1902. General Motors also owns Chevrolet, and in 2014, 9,924,880 of these two different cars were delivered wo