Handing Over the Car Keys to Your College Grad? It’s Time for a New Jeep!

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Advantages of buying a new car
Cars for college grads are more than just a great gift. They are a symbol of adulthood and an excellent way for parents and other family members to communicate their pride.
Whether you’re planning to purchase a new or used car for your college graduate, there are advantages to considering both. Furthermore, you may have noticed that your recent grad has had his or her eyes on the family jeep. In that case, you may be planning to purchase or lease a new car for yourself before handing over the keys to that jeep.
Speaking of jeeps, were you aware that 1.02 million vehicles were sold by Jeep in 2014 alone? That was a 39% increase over what they sold in 2013. If you’re planning to purchase a second jeep, there are a great selection of jeeps at your nearby jeep dealer.
Not sure what kind of make or model you want? Then you’re in good company! A recent survey showed that 52% of prospective car buyers didn’t know what they wanted to buy before spending time at a dealership. In fact, you might be interested to know that 48% of buyers are spending 1 to 3 months shopping before making their final purchase.
Chances are, though, that you know exactly what type of car you want. Furthermore, you’re probably already aware of the different types of jeeps available at your local dealership, including all those cars for college grads.
If you haven’t purchased a new or used vehicle for a while, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on those car payments. A general rule of thumb is that this payment shouldn’t be more than 20% of your monthly take-home pay.
Are you planning to purchase a used rather than a new jeep? When you pay outright for a new-to-you vehicle, then you won’t need to consider those monthly car payments. Just in case you have a teenager in the house that’s about to take his or her first driving course, or another soon-to-graduate college student, you just might want to put some money aside for a few more jeeps.
With all the jeeps parked by your house, you just might want to make sure everyone in the family has a different color, make, and model. For more, read this link. Continue your research here.

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