Synthetic Lubricants Are Used in a Variety of Industries

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Synthetic lubricant
Cold winter temperatures will test all kinds of automotive synthetic lubricants and other kinds of industrial lubricants. From city maintenance snow removing vehicles that rely on wholesale oil products to airplanes across the country that use aeroshell 33ms or other types of aeroshell grease aviation products, the cold temperatures during the winter are important.
A recent national news report indicated that scientists are working with a product that cold revolutionize the travel industry. This technology that could keep runways heated and free of ice and snow, however, only tackles one part of the concerns that are a part of every flight that arrives or departs. In addition to having a sa

How to Keep Your Car Floor Looking New and Fresh

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Burtex trunk mat

Buying a new car isn’t a cheap and easy process, although many people wish it was. When your car is starting to look worn and run down, it’s usually easier to take care of the inside, before thinking of buying new. This is important, since most people spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 commuting one way each day, and want to be in a car that is comfortable and looks good. Here are a few ways trunk mats and car carpets can make a car look better and create an enjoyable environment for the owner.
New Truck Mats Create a Cleaner Enviornment
Cars are much dirtier than any home. This is because they don’t get cleaned out as regularly as a home, let alone vacuumed. There are over 16,000 types of bacteria sitting around in a car, Continue Reading No Comments

Don’t Know Much About Cars? Here Are Five Useful Buying And Maintenance Tips To Keep Things Simple

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What is a stage 1 roush mustang

Taking care of your car is a big responsibility. So big it can be tempting to just shrug off all the technical mumbo-jumbo, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Resist the urge! Knowing how your car works inside and out will help you when it comes to yearly maintenance and keeping your wallet in the green. This means brushing up on the difference between stage 1 vs stage 3 tuning specifications, spotting common warning signs of a struggling vehicle and writing down all your biggest reasons for wanting to invest in a second car.

Things seem much harder when you put them off. Get started with these helpful buying and maintenance tips to make this seemingly incomprehensible field as easy as pie.

Know The Difference Between Tuning Stages

Need to get your c

Should I Invest in a Car Accident Attorney?

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Truck crash attorney
If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, you should reach out to a car accident lawyer. A car accident attorney can help you in many different ways, including making sure you get the right amount of money you need to take care of medical expenses and what kind of money you need to help you get a new car. A person who was involved in a car accident can face many damages, and having a lawyer throughout the process of trying to get justice and compensation can really up your chances of seeing both. While you can try and fight your case without visiting a law office and seeing a car accident attorney who really knows his stuff, you might run into more problems.

What Accessories Would You Like to Add to Your Truck This Holiday Season?

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Full synthetic motor oil
As the millions of Americans participate in some of the busiest shopping days of the year, large diesel trucking companies and logistics managers make sure that the products people are looking for are available. If, however, a diesel engine freezes and is unable to deliver its products Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all lose some of their power. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide diesel emergency thaws and other important services that can keep the nation’s economy running.
Diesel Emergency Thaws and Other Services Make Driving More Reliable and Safe
Whether it is for our personal vehicles or it is for an entire industry that works to transport the goods that we all need, working cars, trucks, and SUVs are an important part of our econo

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Used Car

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Used cars for sale in fort dodge iowa
If you’re looking to purchase a new car, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look at used cars. Used cars can actually b a great investment. They can offer you a lower monthly payment if you are trying to save money for a new home or apartment, or if you are trying to pay off debt on credit cards or student loans. Used cars actually have tons of benefits aside from being less money. You could save on taxes as well as getting to skip out on dealer fees.
Thinking of looking for used cars for sale? Here are a few benefits to keep in mind.
1. Lower price tag
For starters, the biggest benefit to purchasing a used car is obviously the lower price tag. Used cars are a much cheaper option for those looking to save money for a big ticket purchase like a home or first apartment. It

What Is the Dream Car That You Hope to Own Some Day?

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New jeep
Your daughter has also dreamed of driving a Jeep. And while you are not working a bright blue Jeep into your budget any time soon, your daughter was pretty excited that the first car that she is driving is a sporty little four door that is at least the same color of blue of the Jeep that she hopes to some day drive.
Whether you are looking at used cars for a brand new driver in your home or you are a young adult out looking at Jeeps that you can only some day hope to drive, finding the right new and used car dealer

Why You Should Teach Your Teen How To Drive On An Automatic

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ford dealershipTeaching your teen how to drive can be a nerve-racking experience. However, if the driving test is fast approaching, then your kid isn’t a little kid anymore. It’s time to make sure they’re safe on the road. One of the best ways to do that is to teach them how to drive an automatic transmission. For classic car lovers, it may seem like blasphemy to choose an automatic over a standard, but for better or for worse, automatic cars are the standard nowadays. In 2017, even if you’re purchasing older used trucks or used cars from the local Ford dealership, they will most likely come with automatic transmissions. If you’re gearing up to teach your son or daughter how to drive, here’s why you should be teaching your teen how to drive on an automatic vehicle:
  1. Distracted driving is already a national epidemicThe sad truth is that in the instant gratification smartphone era, distracted driving accidents are rising year after year. With all of the distractions and devices your teen will face behind the wheel, you should do everything you can to limit the number of things they need to focus on while driving. That’s why more parents are opting for automatic transmissions.
  2. Automatic vehicles are easier to driveLearning to drive in a stick shift vehicle can be a challenge, which can be good for some people. After all, a little challenge adds some character. However, when it comes to learning how to drive, you don’t want to create any more stress than there already is. Your teen needs to learn the rules of the road, the meanings behind dozens of road signs, and how to operate a vehicle all at the same time. Just think of your easily-distracted teen having to deal with uphill stoplights and the constant stop-and-starts a stick shift gives you. Odds are, those aren’t pleasant thoughts.
  3. Automatic vehicles come with more technological innovationSure, stick shift vehicles are older and come with a wave of nostalgia. However, they also come with less innovative technology. That may seem good at first because there’s less to distract the driver with. But innovative technology includes the technology that helps your teen parallel park, helps them avoid hitting foreign objects in the road, and helps them keep from hitting other drivers when they start to merge.
  4. Automatic vehicles give you more optionsOdds are when your teen heads off to college, they’ll also be purchasing their first car. Knowing how to drive an automatic vehicle means they’ll have more options available to them at any Ford dealership around. Sure, the Ford trucks from decades ago were beautiful, and they’re still very functional. And by 2021, over 20 million vehicles on the road will be over 25 years old. But giving your teen the freedom to choose their own vehicle at a Ford dealership is a better bet in the long run.
It may be an emotional rollercoaster watching your teen get behind the wheel for the first time, but as a parent, it’s your duty to be sure they know what they’re doing. By teaching your teen how to drive on an automatic vehicle, you’re giving them a leg up on the road and helping them move toward the future.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Cracks?

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Car windshield cracks
Have you been driving around for months with that same windshield crack? Car windshield cracks are actually very common. Yet, many people tend to ignore them when they are very small. They may spread quickly, eventually taking over the entire windshield. They also might stay a tiny crack for many months, or years. Because you can never predict the growth of a windshield crack, many drivers do not know when they should have it repaired.

The different types of windshield cracks
There are mainly, two different types of windshield cracks. There are long cracks, which are the ones that spread from the initial crac

When Should you Get your Windshield Repaired?

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Windshield repair tucson
We have all been there. One minute we are driving down the road enjoying the views and the next, we hear a thud and watch as a tiny pebble bounces off of the windshield. We immediately notice a tiny crack in the windshield. The first thing to run through your mind is likely, how much is this going to cost? You assume that it will be expensive and then you wonder when to get your windshield repaired. How long can you put it off until it becomes too large of a problem?

Smaller repairs are more affordable
One thing that many people do not realize is that it is best not to wait for your auto glass repair service. Waiting too long can cause the tiny crack to spread. Once the cra