10 Ways to Fail a Drivers Test

Getting your drivers license is an exciting milestone. However, it is not a piece of cake. Many people don’t know that there are plenty of common mistakes that will immediately have you fail the drivers test. In this video, you will learn about some of these mistakes. To avoid such mistakes, make sure to take your 8 hour driver improvement classes.

The first mistake that will automatically fail you is not stopping for an emergency vehicle. Another common mistake is running through a yellow light.

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Yellow lights are essentially the same as a red unless it is impossible for you to stop safely. The next mistake is moving into a congested intersection only to get stuck. If there is congestion, you must wait until there is enough room on the other side to safely cross. Likewise, speeding through a school zone will also reward you with an automatic fail. Also, any type of infraction of a regulatory sign such as a stop sign will fail you as well. Believe it or not, striking the curb will also cause you to fail your test. Lastly, cutting off another driver is also a sure way to fail. Hopefully this list will help you succeed on your driving test.


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