3 Tips to Avoid Damage to Machine Tools

It happens to all of us at one time or another. You’re at work on a regular day and all of a sudden the equipment you are using makes a funny sound. Or worse, it just stops working.

Perhaps it’s a computer, or a bicycle or even a car. But one thing is sure: when this happens,it brings up key question: What is the best thing to do? Does the equipment get repaired, or does it get replaced?

Well, the answer depends on what has stopped working. Some things are easily replaced, others not so much. The cost of replacing a mouse for your computer, for instance, might be negligible. But what if you’re in a machine shop and working with heavy equipment tools? If you’re facing the cost of rebuilding tools, that may not be quite as affordable.

Like many things in life, machine tools can break or get worn down after repeated use. Items such as a screw machine, drill press, lathe, gear shaper and more are known as machine tools. Taking good care of these items as they are being used can help avoid the cost of rebuilding tools. But can the cost of replacing them be avoided? That is not such an easy question. Here’s a look at three things to do to keep machine tools working properly and keep down machine shop repair costs.

Clean Tools Properly and Often
To prevent buildup and damage that could add to the cost of rebuilding tools, regular cleaning of your tools is a number one priority. Proper cleaning will help avoid having your tools function poorly. Your tools will perform better and for a longer period of time if you keep them out of the elements as much as possible, also, and especially keep them dry to avoid corrosion.

Check Often for Proper Alignment
Threading, turning and facing, and boring are just a few of the many operations that machine tools perform. One way to keep tools working effectively is to check their safe alignment on a regular basis, especially the apron and the oil level of the gearbox spindle. This can help avoid or even prevent machine tool repairs.

Check for Proper Lubrication
As stated, regular maintenance and repairs are necessary to maintain the high-quality performance of machine tools. These tools must be durable, strong and hard. And parts that constantly are in friction, rubbing against each, other need special attention. Damage to these tool parts can be lessened, or even avoided, when they are consistently well-lubricated.

To sum up, check out the prices for repairing your tools. Of the cost of rebuilding tools is too high, or the rebuild might not last long enough to pay for the cost of the machine tool repair, you may need to replace the tools. But if not, you may be able to extend the life of the tools in your machine shop. This will give you the satisfaction of taking care of your equipment, and the money you save will be in your pocket, right where it belongs.

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