4 Tips for Applying Auto Touch up Paint

Scratches on your car can be devastating, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Ford touch up paint, jeep touch up paint, touch up paint for honda civics or any other touch up paint kit for your car can be the key to repairing minor scratches. Deep paint scratches can range from $300 to $3,000 to have them repaired and about 52% of all reported car damage reports include incidents of scratched paint or keying. Knowing how to repair small incidences yourself without spending tons of money can help your car look like new, and help your wallet like you more. Follow these tips when deciding to apply automotive touch up paint to your vehicle.

No Rust

Rust can creep in unexpectedly. Ensure that no rust is on the surface before providing automotive touch up paint. Treating the area for rust can keep the rust from spreading. There is nothing worse that applying automotive touch up paint to a vehicle just to have the rust spread after the scratch has been fixed.


Choosing the right conditions to apply automotive touch up paint is the key to it lasting and looking good. When you purchase an paint touch up kit it should be kept in normal conditions where it doesn’t get too hot or cold. When you decide to use your auto touch up paint kit you should ensure the weather conditions cooperate. Low humidity and no direct sunlight are vital if you want your touch up paint to last.


Understand that it can take several days for your touch up paint project to dry. This means that for several days your colors could look slightly off. Don’t panic. They will dry and the colors will come together. Wet paint and even damp paint has a slightly darker look compared with dry paint. Allow ample amounts of time for paint to dry before panicking.

Washing and Waxing

Wash and wax the entire car once the touch up paint has dried. Wash it and wax it to blend everything together. Washing removes dirt while blending paint. Waxing provides a high gloss finish that helps blend paint colors together.

These tips can help you get the best results when attempting to fix minor scratches yourself. While this process is intended to be done by you and to save you money it is still important to ensure that you follow all the directions completely. Don’t skip steps and don’t try to do short cuts. Following all instructions will ensure you get the best outcome possible.

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