5 Reasons to Use GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Vehicle fleets work hard throughout the world. However, it’s difficult for many fleet managers to understand exactly how their vehicles and drivers are performing. Therefore, many managers are including GPS fleet tracking hardware in their vehicles. The GPS was first placed in automobiles during 1996. Since then, this technology has only become more popular in automobiles across the world. Considering that, here are five benefits of implementing GPS fleet tracking hardware.

  • Reduces Instances of Vehicle Theft

    While you don’t want to think about it, there’s always a chance that fleet vehicles could get stolen. In fact, statistics from the NICB during 2012-2014 found that a total of 126,603 vehicles were stolen with the keys left inside. If this happens, you’ll want to know about it right away. Fortunately, GPS fleet tracking hardware always monitors the location of your vehicles. This makes it nearly impossible for a criminal to get away with one of your fleet’s vehicles. If a vehicle is stolen, you’ll be able to provide authorities with exact location information.
  • Helps Eliminate the Problem of Engine Idling

    Idling occurs when a driver leaves their engine running without the vehicle actually going anywhere. While it might not seem like a big deal, idling is often costlier than most fleet managers think. In fact, statistics show that unnecessary idling for only two hours each day costs about $780 per year per truck. If you’re operating a large fleet of vehicles, these costs add up fast. Fortunately, GPS fleet tracking hardware monitors vehicle behavior. In turn, this helps you learn when idling occurs and how to stop it from costing your business money.
  • Making Deliveries Faster

    In the world of fleet management, delivery deadlines are extremely important. With that in mind, you’ll need a way to ensure that drivers are taking the most efficient routes. Being stuck in traffic jams and dealing with otherwise clogged roadways slows down delivery times. In turn, customers might have to wait another day or week to receive their items. This tends to create angry customers, something no business owner wants to deal with.
  • Less Expensive Insurance Payments

    Owning your own fleet is a great way to increase company profitability. However, owning these vehicles means that your company will need to pay costs to keep them properly maintained. In addition, you’ll also need to make sure these vehicles are insured. Depending on the size of your fleet, these costs often add up fast. That being said, many insurance companies provide discounts for fleets using some type of GPS hardware. You’re likely to find that these savings help ensure that GPS fleet tracking hardware pays for itself quickly.
  • Keeping You Informed Around the Clock

    Fleet managers don’t typically have their workers in an office setting. Instead, these managers watch over drivers who are transporting goods throughout the world. Therefore, it’s understandable to feel out of the loop while your drivers are working. This isn’t a problem with the help of GPS fleet hardware. These systems feature real time alerts, informing you of when anything goes wrong with your fleet.

In conclusion, there are several benefits associated with using GPS fleet tracking hardware. This type of hardware helps fleet managers have an easier time doing their respective jobs. In addition, this type of hardware makes it easier for your drivers to avoid making mistakes. GPS fleet hardware allows managers to view real time notifications, almost as if they were sitting with each of their drivers all at once. If you want accurate insights into how your fleet of vehicles is performing, consider purchasing GPS hardware.

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