A Guide to Getting Nissan Touch Up Paint

Weather damage can scratch up the paint of a car and do serious damage. Also, a car accident can do the same exact damage. Anyone that has damage done to their Nissan vehicle is going to want to fix up the paint with a touch up paint kit. Here is a guide to getting the very best Nissan touch up paint.

Right now, the auto body industry has a value that is absolutely impressive, to say the least. This value is a staggering $42 billion and it is so high for a reason. Since 2006, white is the most popular color for cars across the United States. As a result, plenty of people looking for a paint touch up kit will specifically want white. Here are some more facts on getting the very best Nissan touch up paint.

Find The Right Nissan Touch Up Paint

The auto industry refers to just four colors as neutral. These four colors are white, black, gray, and silver. More people prefer these neutral colors as opposed to any other kind of color. Therefore, businesses work to provide all of the colors that are the most popular colors. After all, if more vehicles are a natural color then suppliers need more neutral paint.

The world of auto body paint touch up has created multiple levels to help separate the severity of the car painted scratches. These levels are 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and 4. The most severe level is level 4 and the least severe is 1A. So it is important to pay attention to this specific information as you get help with a Nissan touch up paint. After all, you need the proper type of coating for your vehicle to get the best results.

Touch up paint options vary in terms of the thickness of the coating. A clear coat on a car is going to be nearly 2 ml thick. That way, the paint is thick enough to help protect the integrity of the paint. That way, it does not scratch in a minor way!

If You Have Insurance Then Use It

Vehicle and home insurance claims often come from weather damage. For instance, nearly 40% of all losses directly come from hail and wind storms. So it is easy to imagine what kind of damage can be done to a vehicle if it is outside in hail serious wind. If a tree falls on the vehicle then you are in a rough spot. However, this is exactly what insurance is for!

If you have insurance for your vehicle then you will use it for Nissan touch up paint. It is the smartest thing to do unless you have no problem throwing away money. The cheapest types of deep paint scratch will cost nearly $300. On the other hand, nearly $3,000 is spent and used to help cover up and repair the deepest scratches. Therefore, it is wise to let the insurance claims and companies handle those costs.

In Conclusion

Dealing with serious body paint damage is absolutely awful. No one wants to see serious paint damage done to their vehicle. However, it is really important to let the insurance company help you get the right Nissan touch up paint. That way, you do not have to stress out over fixing the problem yourself!

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