Avoid Extra Costs by Keeping Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

There are millions of cars throughout the world. At the most recent count, the United States has 300 million, which is more than any other country. China has the second largest number of cars, and this amounts to 78 million. In addition to owning a car, many Americans own a second or third vehicle, such as a motorcycle or truck.

Vehicle Maintenance

In order to keep vehicles running optimally, they need to be well-maintained on a regular basis. Recent data, however, shows that many drivers aren’t as vigilant as they could be. On an annual basis, more than $60 billion worth of car maintenance isn’t performed. This doesn’t include maintenance needs for other types of vehicles, however.

While each car owner will likely have their own reason for allowing their vehicle maintenance to go unperformed, this can often cause other issues to develop. Furthermore, when basic repairs are needed, postponing these can become even more costly. The average cost of a repair in the United States is between $305.55 to $356.04. This includes a total average of $202.28 for parts and another $103.27 for labor. These prices will fluctuate based on a variety of factors, of course.

Recycled Parts and Auto Tools

It’s interesting to note that cars are comprised of about 30,000 individual parts. Approximately 80% of a car’s parts can be recycled, which can help with meeting supply and demand. When it comes to the total amount of dollars spent on automobile-related services in the United States, the auto tools industry comprises seven percent.

Contact Your Local Tool Distributors

If you need auto tools, such as a Ranger quickjack portable lift or a spring compressor for strut coils, a local tool distributor will have these on hand. In addition to a Ranger quickjack portable lift, you may have also discovered that you want your home shop or garage to be better organized. In this case, a roller cabinet tool box would come in handy. So, too, would a wrench organizer.

When you contact your local tool distributor, you’ll be able to find out more about what they have available. Since it’s so important to keep your vehicles well-maintained, having the right tool for the job makes a significant difference.


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