Behind the Scenes of Auto Brake Repair Stop Worrying About Your Vehicle

Brake service is one of your technician’s many tasks when providing auto brake repair services. However, this is something you can accomplish on your own. In a YouTube video titled “The Basics of Disc Brake Service,” “EricTheCarGuy” shows how to maintain your brakes.

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Some of the things you need for the servicing include silicone paste, brake lube, anti-seize, safety glasses, and a pry bar set. Before starting, make sure that a jack stand supports the car. There is no need to remove both fasteners; removing the bottom one is enough.

Spray the area after removing the brake pads and then wipe them off with a rag. You should thoroughly clean all components near the brake pads. Remove and thoroughly clean both the top and lower slide pens. When cleaning, be careful to use silicone to help minimize noise. Utilize a rag to clean the brake pads and any rust from the brake.

Maintaining your brakes regularly helps extend their lifespan and avoid any unexpected issues while driving.


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