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There are far fewer bus manufacturers than there are automakers, but that doesn’t make choosing a bus any easier. Two very popular bus manufacturers are Starcraft, and Glaval. Did you know that both are a division of Forest River Incorporated? Now that you know that the same company is behind both manufacturers, how do you choose between the two makes when looking at buses for sale? Here are a few facts that might help you to decide.

Starcraft Bus

Starcraft is reportedly the largest shuttle bus manufacturer in North America. They make small to medium sized models, and they are a popular make among individuals searching church buses for sale. There are approximately 11 different models of buses under the Starcraft name, making the search for used buses simpler for those who like to have some variety to choose from, but difficult for others who would prefer to take their pick of just a few select buses for sale.

Glaval Bus

Similar to Starcraft, Glaval makes buses that range in size from the mini bus, to coach, with passenger capacities between 14 and 45 people. As with most bus manufacturers, when buying new, you have a wide range of floor plan choices, and additional electronic and amenity options. Glaval also boasts certain safety features:

  • 16 gauge 1-1/2″ square tube steel cage roll-bar on side and rear walls.
  • Walls and roof are bolted at wall studs and roof bows, as opposed to only being welded.
  • Emergency hatch is steel framed.

Ultimately, the brand shouldn’t make a difference. Shopping buses for sale, while similar, is not precisely like shopping for a personal vehicle. Brand loyalty isn’t exactly a common term in the bus industry. Whatever is available at your bus sales center of choice should be judged on individual merits, as opposed to the make of the vehicle. However, if you can get your hand on an experienced bus repair specialist or bus sales person, they may be able to provide unique insight into the minute differences between brands. If you can find a bus with a capacity, floor plan, and the necessary options to meet your needs, then you’ve found the bus make that is best for your group, whatever name it goes by.

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