Car Tint Explained and Installed

In this video, you will learn about auto tinting. There are different levels of tint. If your front windows are tinted and the back isn’t, you’ll have to determine which level of tint.

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In the instance that you will have to remove the tint, you can do so with a steamer. You also want to spray the window with soapy water, take a razor blade, and scrape off any kind of residue that is left from the tint. You have to cut out the tint and this process can take a very long time. The cut pieces are taped to the outside of the window. You want to take some heat to the tint so that if it is exposed to extreme heat, it will not shrink much more. You have to install tint to the inside and outside of the car. Doing it on the outside is just as hard. Manufacturers will put a trademark on the tint so that the consumer knows what they are getting. You can get the trademark off by using isopropyl alcohol. It is ceramic in the layer of tint and it reduces heat. The tint looks amazing. People come in for looks and for performance.

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