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  • Car Radio Programs Are Still Important Sources for Advice

    Despite an ever-changing world, it seems that one thing that won’t change is the need for quality car talk shows and other sources of pertinent auto information. As long as we still rely on cars to help us get to work, pick up our kids, visit friends, and take weekend road trips, we’ll need the […]

  • Go Beyond Car Talk Radio Shows and Get More Info Online

    If you consider yourself a big car buff, but you’ve only been subsisting on a diet of car talk radio shows, you’ll likely want to consider the wealth of information you can find on good car websites. For example, if you need to find reliable car pricing websites to ensure that you’re getting the best […]

  • Buying a Used Car? Recognize the Red Flags! Three Tips on Getting a Good Deal

    Did you know that about 75% of all cars sold in the U.S. are used cars? Like many people searching for used cars, you want to avoid getting what is known as a lemon car. A lemon is a car found to be defective only after it is purchased. Although there are laws to protect […]

  • Car Talk Where Are They Now?

    Around the middle of 2012, public radio said farewell to perhaps the most successful show in the history of the medium. The Car Talk radio show was a phenomenon… the unlikely pairing of automotive call in advice and humor. And Tom and Ray Magliozzi were a bit of a puzzler themselves. Two Boston mechanics with […]

  • Learning From Car Talk Shows

    Car talk shows provide both instructional advice and timely news about the world of cars and car repair. In fact, some car talk radio shows have inspired books and other collectibles based on their content. Finding new information and resources in the car talk credits can also be an excellent source of your auto repair […]

  • Reasons People Listen to Car Talk Shows

    If you love working on cars, or if you want to avoid the high costs of repairs, you may want to consider listening to car talk radio shows. Car talk shows provide useful information for car enthusiasts and people interested in performing their own repairs and upgrades. One of the main things that a person […]

  • Reasons I Loved Car Talk

    My roommate Riley introduced me to the Car Talk radio show. Now, this was before I ever even got to own my first car, but a few months after casual listening, I bought a 2002 Saab. It was great not only to be a car owner, but to also know a thing or two about […]

  • The Car Talk Radio Show is Informative and Funny

    Many of us have heard the Car Talk radio show with Click and Clack. It is an absolutely hilarious way to get great information about automobiles. It does not matter if you have a 1972 Volvo with a funny noise coming from the engine, or a 2009 Chevy that exudes smoke intermittently from the vents, […]

  • Swapping Auto Stories is Half the Fun

    When it comes to the motorheads and car fanatics, there are quite a few things that can quench their thirst for octane. From rebuilding a classic car to super charging a mini van, there are a wide range of activities that make the car enthusiasts out there get excited. One thing that really gets the […]

  • Go To The Car Show With Your Friend, They Will Go To A Book Signing With You

    People who are into cars have a lot of different outlets in which they can live out their addictions. You know who those people are. They are the people who are constantly talking about cars even when no one else around them knows what they are talking about. Those people would probably love a car […]