Common Duramax Injector Problems

Cummins injector failure symptoms

The diesel engine has been around a long time. The first patent was made 125 years ago by a man named Rudolf Diesel. And problems have been cropping up every since. As technology advances parts become more fuel efficient or environmentally friendly, more modern parts develop new and unique problems. It?s amazing to think we?re still improving on the same machine from all those years ago.

If there is a problem with your truck?s engine and you think it might be the fuel injectors, there are a few ways to tell what might be the issue. Duramax injector problems often manifest in similar ways.

For those who aren?t overly familiar with how an engine works, diesel fuel injectors shoot fuel into a cylinder so that it can be ignited by the spark plug. The result eventually turns the crank, which turns the gearbox, which turns the wheels. When injection pressure reaches a certain psi, a fine mist of fuel will be created that will give a more complete burn. The newer common-rail injectors can give more wear and tear on injectors because they will fire more than once for every engine cycle. What are the signs that something went wrong with the injector?

Below are the common symptoms fuel injector problems:

  • Hammering Under the Hood
  • White Smoke from Tail Pipe
  • Loss of Torque
  • Bad Fuel Economy
  • Clicking Noises with Gear Change
  • Over Heating Engine

If your truck is experiencing most of these problems you might want to check for Duramax injector problems . But, what should you check for? Hairline cracks may be present in the injectors. Often fuel injector problems will trigger a check engine light in your vehicle. One way to tell is to look at the oil dip stick, if there is a potent diesel smell from the oil itself, it may point to a leak from the injector. If you also see the white smoke from your exhaust, you might want to test the balance rates to see if the injectors are failing. If they are failing or misfiring, you?ll have to replace it. You can also use fuel additives and clean your injectors to see if that helps, if there isn?t a problem otherwise.

If you?re revving the engine and you hear the clicking noises, remember that it could be sign of a different problem. Although the diesel engines have been around a long time, there are still complicated issues. If you have diagnostic tools at hand, they can be great in identifying problems if you have the time and expertise.

With older trucks with higher mileage, there might be a lubricant issue which will lead to seals or springs failing. Also if the fuel isn?t being properly filtered, the gunk can clog up the nozzles, which builds the pressure, which causes the fuel injector to crack, which may leak fuel into the case.

Duramax injector problems may be prevented later down the line by taking active steps toward regular engine maintenance. A diesel injector may fail due to a buildup of a deposit. These can be either external or internal injector deposits in the diesel fuel injection system. Debris will build up in the Duramax injectors, and it?s important to avoid that and the bad problems it can bring with it. Additional filtration or fuel additives or lubricants may help. Especially if the oil isn?t changed regularly, scum that builds up causes parts to stick. It?s one of the many reasons regular maintenance is so important.

So, if you think there’s a fuel injector problem, look out for a couple issues. First, if your truck is losing power or torque when you?re accelerating. Second, if the inside of the truck starts to smell like fuel. Third, if you?re hearing hammering sounds inside your truck. Fourth, white smoke coming out of your tail pipe. Try testing the oil dip stick and look for a strong diesel smell from the oil.

If you have additional problems or unknown, unusual noises, it?s best to take it to an expert, or start researching issues specific to your truck. Different engines and different vehicles have varying issues. You may also have different Duramax injector problems or if one of both of the fuel injectors is failing, it may not present like other problems.

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