Does Your Family Own an Electric Car?

When the cover of the November 2018 issue of Popular Mechanics featured Elon Musk supporters of electric car charging stations applauded. In a time when politicians appear to be back peddling on all of the environmentally friendly decisions made by the last two Presidential administrations, it should come as no surprise that there are many people concerned. Not only for the future of electric cars, but for the future of the world.

From electric car charging stations to the latest electric car charging apartments, there are plenty of platforms in place to help move America away from the strong attachment to fossil fuels. If you are someone who is interested in looking at different types of electric car charging apartments you may, depending on where you live, find yourself looking at very few options. In other parts of the country, however, the choices may be more frequent.

Recharging Stations Continue to Grow in Popularity

A very recent article published by WIRED, reported that there is one group that seems to be in support of a more liberal agenda, often an agenda that includes alternative energy options. In this article, WIRED reports that the tech industry in Silicon Valley tends to support a more liberal agenda. As proof, the online article reports that they analyzed more than 125,000 contributions made to 2018 federal candidates. Of those contributions, the overall report indicates that the industry as a whole gave equally to both political parties, individual donors often leaned more left than right.

A 2017 Bloomberg report indicated that electric vehicles will make up the majority, 54%, of new car sales worldwide by 2040. For makers of electric car charging stations and environmentalists alike continue to push both private citizens and environmentalists continue to hope for policies and practices that promote clean energy sources.

While there continues to be a debate about the future of the energy that we use, there is very little debate about the competitiveness of the residential and commercial rental market. For this reason there are a number of property managers and building owners who are looking for a way to set themselves apart. One of the ways that some of these landlords are drawing a young renter or business into their spaces is to offer electric car charging stations. As popular as a rooftop swimming pool and outdoor green spaces, electric car charging stations can be a real draw in crowded cities.