Don’t Know Much About Cars? Here Are Five Useful Buying And Maintenance Tips To Keep Things Simple

What is a stage 1 roush mustang

Taking care of your car is a big responsibility. So big it can be tempting to just shrug off all the technical mumbo-jumbo, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Resist the urge! Knowing how your car works inside and out will help you when it comes to yearly maintenance and keeping your wallet in the green. This means brushing up on the difference between stage 1 vs stage 3 tuning specifications, spotting common warning signs of a struggling vehicle and writing down all your biggest reasons for wanting to invest in a second car.

Things seem much harder when you put them off. Get started with these helpful buying and maintenance tips to make this seemingly incomprehensible field as easy as pie.

Know The Difference Between Tuning Stages

Need to get your car tuned? You can’t afford to miss these tips. Tuning is split into three different stages depending on just how serious the damage is. As you can imagine, stage 1 vs stage 3 is going to look pretty different at the shop! A stage 1 tuning venture isn’t too extreme, more a check-up for your car’s overall health than anything, and it’ll only turn into a stage 2 if you’ll start needing some active replacement parts. Stage 3 is saved for extreme cases, such as a car breaking down unexpectedly. Stage 1 vs stage 3 is just one of many elements you’ll have to become familiar with when you become a car owner.

Visit Your Used Car Dealers To Save Money

Are you trying to cut back on costs? Get a used car. The average vehicle on the open road will have three owners in its lifetime, after all, and a used car will more than meet you halfway when it comes to affordable pricing. Dealership sales and private-party transactions have seen over 40 million used cars exchanging hands year after year, cementing a buying trend that’s only getting more competitive from here. If you’re still not sure if you want to make the plunge with a selection of used trucks, check out the next item on the list…

Try A Certified Pre-Owned Car

For those that need a bit more incentive to buy a used car, a certified pre-owned vehicle is more than a match for your expectations. A car that’s less than five years old should be bought under the CPO label to keep you in the green, as certified pre-owned models often come with limited warranties and all sorts of useful additions to give you the most out of your purchase. In fact, the year 2015 saw manufacturer certified pre-owned sales reaching a solid two and a half million units!

Check Out The Unique Vehicles On The Market

Maybe you’re not worried about stage 1 vs stage 3. Maybe you just want a car that will stick with you through thick and thin. A few AAA studies found the majority of American families this year planning on a roadtrip vacation, meaning Jeeps and used trucks are going to see a surge in numbers over the coming months. Light cars have seen an interesting boost, as well, with registrations for light vehicles reaching an impressive $264 million back in 2016. If you need to keep things even more simple, just go for a brand that’s proven themselves time and time again.

Stick With A High Quality Brand

Even if you’ve had to update your knowledge on stage 1 vs stage 3 tuning specifications, you won’t have to change much when it comes to brand. Ford has remained an American favorite right up there with baseball and apple pie, still boasting incredible sales despite all the competitors vying for attention. In fact, this very year saw the Ford F-series remaining the country’s best-selling truck model for 40 years in a row! No matter where the road takes you, you can count on a high-quality brand delivering on everything from performance to finances.

Feeling caught up? Then let 2018 be the year where you become known as the resident car guru.

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