Five Top Maintenance Tips for Your Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz cars are famous not only for their luxury and performance but also their longevity. They are made to be durable, but it also takes regular care and maintenance to keep a car in top running condition for years and even decades. Maintaining a regular schedule of care is no hardship for most owners, who love their cars. However, it’s always helpful to have a checklist handy to be sure that you’ve covered everything needed. It’s also useful to have an online source for Mercedes Benz original parts, which can save you both time and money.

The Mercedes Benz story
The founder of Mercedes Benz, Karl Benz, patented the first automobile in 1886. This was the three-wheeled Motorwagen. Since that time, Mercedes Benz automobiles have been synonymous with luxury and performance, according to the standards of the day. At the present time, it is the world’s leading premium brand, worth U.S. $ 23.36 billion as of 2019.
Mercedes Benz cars are also famous for their durability and longevity. It’s safe to say that the record-holder in this regard is the 1976 Mercedes Benz 240D from Greece that put 2.8 million miles on the odometer, and ended its career in the Mercedes Benz museum in Germany. Most car owners will not aspire to equal or break that record, but would still like to keep their cars in excellent running condition for a long time.

Maintenance is the key
Regular maintenance and repairs using Mercedes Benz original parts are the key to performance and durability. While its best to leave these to professional trained technicians, it helps to keep track of all work done on your car. A checklist of routine maintenance tasks can ensure that your car is getting the attention it needs on a regular basis.
It’s also a good idea to have an online source for genuine Mercedes Benz parts. Ordering mb parts online can save you money and also cut down on the time spent waiting for the repairs to be completed.

  1. Fluids and filters
    Engine oil and the oil filter should be changed regularly as recommended for your model. Many cars already use synthetic oils, which need less frequent changes, at about every 7,500 miles or six months. Traditional oil should be changed every 5,000 miles.
    All other fluids including transmission, steering and braking, should be checked at the same time.

  2. Tires
    Tires should be maintained at the correct air pressure. It is estimated that as many as 80% of all privately-owned autos in the U.S. have under-inflated tires. This can add to the wear and tear on the tires, and also reduce fuel efficiency dramatically.
    The tire treads should also be checked for wear, and tires should be replaced as soon as the treads wear out.

  3. Hoses and belts
    Inspecting all hoses and belts regularly with every oil change makes sure that you won’t have any problems with burst hoses and snapped belts. If there are any nicks and cracks, it’s much better to replace them right away instead of waiting for a major problem. If spare parts are needed, it’s best to use Mercedes Benz original parts.

  4. Headlights and indicators
    A simple walkaround and visual test of all headlights and indicators will ensure your safety on the road. It will also help keep you from getting pulled over because of a malfunctioning indicator or broken light. When any repairs are needed, it’s best to use genuine Mercedes parts for the best performance.

  5. UV protection
    Using a wax that protects your car from UV rays will keep the finish looking clean and new. You may also need to use a leather finish to prevent sun damage to the upholstery.

Mercedes Benz cars are built to be durable, but they can use a little help in the form of regular maintenance and repairs. Using Mercedes Benz original parts will help to maintain peak performance. You can find Mercedes Benz parts online, to save both time and money.

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