Grouser Bar Uses and What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Grouser track bolts and bushings

Are you in the construction or parts distribution industry? If so, then you know the importance of using only high quality equipment. In 2014 alone, the construction equipment industry in America accounted for 21% of worldwide revenue, and it has not slowed down since. Many of the most commonly used types of equipment on construction sites today use a similar part: the grouser bar. Below are just a couple of ways that grouser bars are used and why they are so important to the safety and quality of the work:

1. Dozers – People all across the world use bulldozers every single day in dozens of industries from farming to engineering and mining. One thing that many dozers have in common is their ability to quickly move a lot of heavy materials from one place to another. Do to that they either have large tires, or a track for movement. The tracked dozers can wear down over time which is when grouser track rebuilds come into play. Because dozers typically used single grousers, which only have one tooth, the rebuild usually just requires the purchase and proper welding fit of the grouser bar stock. Once installed, the dozer will have better traction on whatever surface it is being used on.

2. Excavators – Another piece of construction equipment that is commonly seen using grouser bar stock is the excavator. Excavators are different from dozers in that they do not simply move material from one place to another, but they actually can dig the material out. Excavators are used to dig trenches and holes, mining, drilling shafts for footings, and even snow removal. Similar to dozers, excavators can either be on wheels or tracks, but the tracked excavators use triple grousers which have three teeth, rather than one.

Purchasing the right grouser bar stock for your equipment is important because not all grouser bar is created equal. Ask your grouser bar supplier what material the bar is made of and how long of a lifespan you should expect from it. You can rest assured that because of the various grouser bar sizes and material, you will be able to find exactly what you need to get the job done.

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