How Does a Quad Ring Work?

You are probably familiar with quad rings if you work in the manufacturing industry, but there is a lot to know about them. For example, did you know quad rings come in different sizes for different applications? According to Fuzion Trading, the most common O-Ring in use for a wide range of applications is the 70 shore Nitrile O-Ring, but there are sizes and materials for any application like neoprene o rings, nitrile o ring, polyurethane o rings, and ptfe o rings. Keep reading to learn how a quad ring work.

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A quad ring seal is used in a variety of applications but spin on filters requiring a quad ring seal are very popular. The quad ring is made up of a square gasket that has little o-rings on each corner so that when it is cut apart it looks like an “X” in the cross-section.

So how do you know if a quad ring needs to be replaced? If one tears or leaks, you’ll see a tear in the ring. Then you can take the quad ring and housing out and turn it over for a fresh side of the seal. You could also take it out all the way and replace the ring.

Watch the video above to learn more!


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