How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

Do you understand the mechanics behind why an automatic transmission functions effectively? Knowledge of each parallel between manual and automatic transmissions can help make the best resolve. Are you considering auto transmission repair? If so, technological distinctions need to be understood plainly. For instance, automatic transmissions change each gear within a set speed range.

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In adjacent, manual transmissions unlock and lock several gear sets to the output shaft to reach different gear ratios. Equally, your understanding of the mechanics should be made solid. The automatic transmission with the same gear sets can produce every gear ratio. The major mechanical part that makes an automatic transmission function is a planetary-gearset.

Everyone who would like to repair transmissions must comprehend the different parts that make the entire unit operate effectively. As previously stated, the planetary-gearset makes auto transmission work effectively. If taken apart, within an automatic transmission, a planetary gearset is about the size of a small ball or melon. In addition, the responsibility of the planetary gearset is to create every gear ratio smoothly. The planetary gearset is at the forefront of all internal components of an automatic transmission.


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