How Long Does Paintless Dent Repair Typically Take?

If your car has sustained a minor bump or hail damage, you may have a dent or two that needs fixing. Fortunately, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a fantastic option. This service involves removing dings and dents in a vehicle by massaging them out. Hence the name, PDR does not require repainting, making the process a lot faster and simpler than traditional dent removal services.

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Are you wondering how long PDR will take? If you have an hour-long lunch break from work, you may be able to get your car fixed within that time frame! While we can’t say exactly how long it’ll take your car to get fixed since all dents and dings are different shapes and sizes and are located in various areas of a vehicle, we can tell you that PDR is much faster than traditional dent repair. In fact, paintless dent repair can take less than two hours most of the time!

Learn more about the paintless dent removal process by watching the video above. When it comes to auto hail repair and car dent removal, consider taking your vehicle to the PDR pros to see if they can fix it before letting the traditional dent repairers take a swing at it.

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