How to Avoid Scam Auto Body Shops

As seen in the clip “How to Spot a Scam Auto Body Shop,” someone with a shady auto body shop might be trying to scam you. There are several things to help you ensure that your car does not become a victim of fraud. First, walk away quickly if the auto body shop staff is rude or unsure of fixing your issue.

You should also ask for written estimates from at least three area auto body shops in writing. If they refuse, they are most likely not an authorized repair facility.

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Remember to ask for names too. It is vital to take the estimate with you when deciding which repair facility is suitable for your upcoming needs.

To get an ideal auto body repair shop, ask family or friends. The best auto body shops have good reviews from previous customers. One way to avoid scam body repairs is to ensure that the auto body shop shows proof of certifications and affiliations.

Get the best auto body shop service in the area by choosing an authorized repair facility that is a licensed and insured company. Always look at the auto body shop permits, certifications, and licensures before letting them work on your car. If the shop is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this is a good indicator that they are honest.


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