How to Change Transmission Fluid

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If your car is not running like it usually does or has check engine lights on, then you may need a transmission fluid change. You can always bring it to a transmission shop, but this video will demonstrate how to do it yourself.

The first thing you need to do is use a jack to access the container that holds the transmission fluid. Place the jack stand on a stable metal part of the car’s frame, and crank away.

Stick two jack stands on either side to keep the car elevated and prevent it from falling on your head. Then grab your drain pan and get under the car. Get hex head to undo the drainage bolt, and make sure you’re wearing gloves to keep the fluid off of your hands.

Your transmission fluid should be red, so if the fluid you drain out is a darker color that means you are doing the right thing by refilling it. Some cares also have transmission filters. This requires removing the bolts that hold the pan in place and taking out the entire pan. Check your car’s manual if you are unsure about the transmission filter.

The last step is to screw the drainage bolt in, lower the car, and fill the engine with transmission fluid. You will need a funnel and container of transmission fluid that you can get at your local auto shop. To learn more, watch the video above.

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