How to Tint Your Own Car Windows Fast

If you’re a frequent driver in America, chances are that you’ve seen your fair share of cars with tinted windows. While the laws about tinted windows vary from state to state, most states allow for at least a bit of window tinting. To get the perfect look for your vehicle, many would advise you to see a professional at a tint and decal shop. However, if you have a history of working with cars and you’re confident in your skills, you could absolutely do a window tinting job yourself. This video gives a beginner’s guide to doing your own auto glass tinting service.

First of all, you are going to need film to put over your car windows. Film can be bought online or at a local art store.

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Consider the quality of the film to get the best finish on your car. You will also need glass cleaner, a squeegee, a stainless steel crafting knife, a sharpie, and a scrubbie pad. Soap solutions, other scrapers, and straight edges are also critical to getting the perfect tint. After cleaning the window thoroughly, you will attach the film to the entire window. Using the knife and straight edge, you will cut it to fit your windows exactly.


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