Hydraulic System Inspection and Troubleshooting

Are you having troubles with your truck? More specifically, is your hydraulic system failing you? If so, you may be in need of hydraulic repairs. The hydraulics for a vehicle help it to stabilize at a certain height. For vehicles that bear large loads, the hydraulic system is vital to the performance and function of the vehicle. In this video, we watch as an inspector goes through some of the repairs that may be associated with the hydraulic system along with what an inspection looks like for this system.

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When inspecting a hydraulic system, there are four main components to keep an eye on. First of all, you need to keep in mind the laws that govern hydraulics. This is the science behind the system. If something won’t work scientifically, it needs to be reworked. Next is the component operation. Being able to notice the typical signs of failure is important. Next is the actual inspection, which is a combination of understanding the issues that comes up along with how to fix them. Lastly are the preventative measures that can be taken in order to stop these issues from occurring in the future.

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