Learn What Fleet Maintenance Entails

This video from On the Clock takes you behind the scenes of fleet management in Arlington VA. The video interviews the chief or fleet maintenance for Arlington VA and takes the viewer along on pm (preventive maintenance) tasks.

Fleet care and maintenance is essential to municipal services. We often take things for granted like seeing a fire truck pass by or a police car without really giving any consideration to what it takes to keep these vehicles on the road, and who is responsible for keeping them in good working condition.

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Arlington is a medium-sized city that has its own city maintenance staff to manage city vehicle maintenance repairs. Smaller-sized cities often contract out the work for their fleet. In all cases, it is essential that there is a maintenance plan in place to ensure the fleet is cared for.

This insider video investigates how fleet maintenance is carried out on first responder vehicles and other municipal vehicles. This video gives you an insider look at the team that is focused on keeping these important vehicles running It is interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to ensure this city’s vehicles are always on ready to support the citizens of Arlington VA.


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