Lidar Technology and the Future of Transportation

You may have heard of lidar before. What is it and how does it work? The Youtube channel, The FinanceValueGuy, explains what lidar technology companies are bringing to the modern world of driving.

Lidar is an acronym for “Light Detection and Ranging.” It’s paired with autonomous driving vehicles.

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Similar to GPS, lidar helps people establish where they are on the earth’s surface. By using pulsing lasers, lidar creates an accurate 3D map of the environment.

Competition in the market is fierce. Measuring up in the billions of dollars, the autonomous industry constantly improves upon lidar systems to make better products for consumers. Self-driving cars will be a huge advantage for people with disabilities, elderly folk, and travelers on business trips.

Lidar has come a long way. Initially, lidar could only detect up to 60 meters. Presently, longer wavelengths allow lidar to detect up to 200 meters. With the addition of 4D lidar, autonomous cars can also determine the velocity of objects on top of being able to map them. Producers of lidar hope to make the technology more affordable with solid-state lidar systems and robust A.I. software. Lidar will help improve driving as we know it.

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