Mercedes-Benz Outsells BMW in 2016 to Become World’s Biggest Premium Carmaker

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Back in 2013, Mercedes-Benz USA saw its highest ever number of sales, with 312,534 units sold in America. But in 2016, Mercedes officially became the best-selling premium carmaker in the world, outperforming its chief rival, BMW, for the first time in over 10 years.

It is somewhat ironic, given that part of the appeal of owning a genuine Mercedes is that there are relatively few of them on the market. But that idea is changing in the car-making world, even as vintage Mercedes shops continue to hunt down the best Mercedes Benz performance parts for older cars and their enthusiasts.

“I’ve got it and you haven’t, is what used to make premium. Now it is much more about having a better quality experience,” said Daniel Binns, a managing director at branding agency Interbrand. “So much of what defines an experience to the current generation is about what the technology delivers. The autonomous vehicle is the pinnacle of that.”

Some of the newer Mercedes models, from 2013 on, have shown the new direction the company has been trying to take in order to keep its brand afloat. Yet at the same time, they’re not giving up on the classic Mercedes diesel cars that are a signature of the brand.

“I think it does have a relevant place, but the market for diesel is in Europe,” said Mercedes research and development chief Ola Kallenius. “As we are proving with the new-generation diesel engine that we’ve put into the E-class, we will develop even more innovative engines that are very lean as far as emissions and fuel economy are concerned.”

In other words, the standard Mercedes Benz performance parts aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll still be able to get them for your Mercedes for a long time to come — no matter its year or model. In fact, Mercedes’ growth might actually be good news for those who already own a classic Mercedes, as parts may become affordable and widespread.

What’s next for the car company? Only time will tell, but hopefully the U.S. will be seeing some of those European models becoming more available, too.

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