Protect Your Car’s Interior with Floor Mats and Trunk Mats

When you purchase a car, you likely want to make it last as long as possible. Cars are an expensive purchase and they depreciate quickly. And given that Americans spend almost 90 minutes a day in their cars, you also want to make sure that they stay clean and comfortable, which is often easier said than done. We have one of the biggest automotive markets in the world, with light vehicle production in the United States reaching over 10 million passenger vehicles in 2016. So it stands to reason that people are looking for ways to make their cars even better. One way to keep your car cleaner (with minimal effort and time on your part) is to invest in car floor mats and trunk mats. They’re easier to clean than the carpet that comes in your car and will help your floor and trunk surfaces last longer.

How Do Car Floor Mats or Trunk Mats Help Me?

Think about it. The floor of your car and your trunk area see a lot of use. Our feet hit the floor of our car every time we get in and out — from muddy soccer practice, after a hike, in the middle of the rainy season, or tracking winter sludge, after a sweaty gym session, and so on. All that dirt and debris adds up and can wear away at the carpet of your car. Furthermore, car carpets tend to get pretty gross over time, since around 70% of drivers eat or drink while they’re in their car. And if you have kids, game over.

As for your trunk, it’s one of the dirtiest areas of your car. Between storage, spills, groceries, the family pet,and more, there are usually around 850 different kinds of bacteria that can be found in your trunk’s carpet.

Car floor mats and trunk mats help keep some of this dirt and debris contained. Many can simply be lifted off the floor or trunk area and hosed down. They also keep some of the wear and tear on those areas of your car minimal, which means you don’t have to worry about repairing or reupholstering parts of your car for longer stretches of time.

What Should I Know About Car Floor Mats or Trunk Mats?
There are usually two types of car floor mat material — rubber (which tends to be more practical) or carpet fabric (durable and blends in with the overall vehicle’s aesthetic better). They can range anywhere from a universal floor mat or trunk mat (one size fits all) to floor and trunk mats that are made specifically for your vehicle’s dimensions. In some cases, they can be personalized even further, with a favorite sports team’s logo or cartoon character.

You want to find mats that have some grip on the back, so they adhere well to your car’s existing carpet and don’t slide around. Many vehicle brands will sell floor mats or liners as car accessories in the dealership or in an auto store, making them easily accessible.

What Other Car Accessories Can Make My Commute/Driving Easier?

It’s not just car floor mats or trunk mats that can help keep your commute
or errands easier. A host of new apps and gadgets have made being a driver easier than ever before. Are you terrible at finding your car in crowded parking lots? There are now apps that help you locate it! Though most cars do now come with Bluetooth capability, if you have an older model, there are devices that will let any car use Bluetooth.

Seat cushions, lumbar support cushions, jumper cables, and car mounts for your GPS or smartphone are also worthwhile investments if you’re on the road a lot. There’s also a host of air fresheners to choose from if you want to keep your car smelling fresh and sweet 24/7.

Keep your car’s value up as much as possible by taking care of your car’s interior. Sure, accidents happen, but the next time your child spills a can of soda in the backseat or you drop your bagel cream cheese side down in the driver’s seat, know that your floor mats have you covered.


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