Reasons You Need 24 Hr Towing Services

24 hr towing services

Any driver knows there are things you may encounter on the road that you are not expecting. For this reason, having a service plan with a 24 hr towing services will be a lifesaver, and make sure you always get where you are going. Keep reading to learn the reason you should get an emergency coverage plan with 24 hr towing services.

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The first reason to get a plan with 24 hr towing services is because you might need a tow. Tows can be expensive and on average costs $109 to tow a car. Emergency coverage with 24 towing services provide towing to the nearest repair location.

Second, because you might need a jump start. With emergency coverage, towing services will get your battery back to life.

Third, because you might get a flat tire. Emergency coverage plans can help change a tire so you can get on your way again.

Fourth, you might run out of fuel. This may seem unlikely, but 11% of drivers keep driving after the low fuel light comes on. Emergency services cover the delivery of gas if you find yourself in this situation.

Watch the video above to learn more!

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