The American Automobile; an American Icon

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At one time, the American automobile and the word ingenuity were nearly synonymous. What was once the life blood of American industry, and before the days of Nashville Chevrolet dealers and others, automobile production has roots more than one hundred years old. In addition to Ford, whose Model T was named the most influential car of the 20th century, other American men like Ransom Olds (creator of the Oldsmobile car company) helped the car industry thrive. Women have also significantly contributed to improvements in car technology. (The windshield wiper, a carburetor, and an electric engine starter, to name just a few.) Nashville Chevrolet dealers sell new or used examples of this American icon.

Needless to say, the automobile has been one of the most influential inventions of all time, and American cities and their surrounding neighborhoods were designed on this premise. Many of the nations parkways, in fact, were designed by urban planners seeking a safe roadway for urbanites to escape to the country for a quick weekend getaway.

The purchase of an American automobile at Nashville Chevrolet dealers is an investment that most every person remembers their entire life. New or used, today, cars are one of the most recycled consumer products. Subsequently, new and used dealerships, like chevrolet dealers in nashville tn, are plentiful. Used cars Nashville, a city home to the Grand Ole Opry and music row, include Tennessee Buick, Nashville GMC, and Nashville Chevrolet dealers. Continue.

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