The Process Of Window Tinting

Window tinting might happen for any number of reasons. You might want more privacy, or maybe even protection from the sun. How exactly does this process work though? In this article, we will look at the steps of the window tinting process.

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The first thing that happens is the cutting of the tint. In order to do this the person applying the tint will spray the car window with soap and water. By doing this the tint will stick to the window and they can get an accurate cut. Once the excess pieces are cut off the tint will be placed on the window in a way that the tint only goes over the edge of the window by around 1 centimeter.

Using a heat gun and a squeegee the tint will be shrunk down to fit the window perfectly and any air bubbles or water that is left behind the tint will be removed. The sheet of tint is then taken off of the window and any loose pieces that are left are cut off.

Moving to the last part of the process the window is cleaned and the tint is now put back onto the window. The soapy water helps the tint stick to the window, and once it is removed the tint is bound.


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