The Right Oils for Skincare

The field of medicine is a truly broad one, ranging from chiropracty for lower back pain to visiting an endocrinologist to getting the ears checked out to contacting mineral oil distributors for high viscosity oils and mineral insulating oil. When used correctly, various medicinal oils can do a lot of good, and an interested patient is encouraged to talk to their doctor about this possibility. But what is mineral oil capable of, and how can a patient find mineral oil distributor to help them?

The Industry of Medical and Industrial Oils

Oil is widely used for medicine, machines, and more. Many oils have a concentration of 1-99%, and they can be found in products such as skin creams, lotions, sun protection lotion, body and face cleaners, lipstick, foundations for makeup, hair gels, and nail care products, not to mention baby oils. A 2012 study, meanwhile, showed that mineral oil is preferred for many different skin types, including that of babies. Parents may look for mineral oil distributors for not only their sake, but their child’s, too. American customers in particular can enjoy a wide variety of oils, seeing how the U.S. is the world’s top producer and consumer of oil, representing an impressive 18% share of the market.

On a somewhat related note, oils are common lubricants for machines in factories and workshops, and wholesale oil distributors get plenty of business as a result. In particular, the automobile and truck engine market is the biggest consumer of lubricants and oils, using 20 million tons of it each year. Meanwhile, factory machines need lubricants so that their parts can glide smoothly past each other without any harmful friction, but there is more. These oils (synthetic and natural) can also prevent static electricity buildup and even prevent the machine surfaces from overheating. This vital for preventing costly machine shutdowns.

Using Mineral Oil

Now, when a customer finds a mineral oil distributor and gets medicinal mineral oil, what are they going to use it for? Naturally, it is important to use such oil carefully and properly, but if the patient follows their doctor’s orders, they may enjoy some serious benefits of oil use. For one thing, it is used as a laxative to combat constipation, by means of retaining more water in the stool and intestines. This is a safe procedure, though a user should be careful to not inhale the oil’s mist. This oil can be administered orally or as an enema.

Scientists and lab techs can also use mineral oil for observing cell cultures in petri dishes, which has some advantages over an open culture system. Several oocytes and embryos can be cultured at the same time and observed separately in the same dish, and it also prevents pH changes and helps block evaporation. It also serves as a thermal buffer for the cells involved.

Livestock and pets can also benefit from mineral oil distributors. Mineral oil can be used as a laxative for animals such as dogs, and aid in the vaccination process for livestock as well. For the poultry industry, meanwhile, mineral oil can be swabbed onto the feet of chickens to help rid them of scaly mites, by suffocating those tiny parasites. Something similar can also be done for beehives. Also, a cotton swab soaked in mineral oil can help remove un-shed skin, or ashes, from reptiles such as lizards and snakes.

Mineral oils are useful for nonliving products too, and clay poker chips can be soaked in it to create a worn look rapidly (for convenience). It can also be used to treat and preserve butcher shop counter tops and blocks, and it can even be a fuel source in gel-based candles. Some cars and bicycles also use mineral oils in their brake discs, and it can be used to safely store reactive metals, such as lithium and sodium, among others.

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