Using a dpf Filter Cleaner on Your Engine

Purchasing a DPF filter cleaner does not mean the job is complete when maintaining your vehicle. You still need to do several tasks for the entire process to happen. The video provides helpful tips on properly using your DPF filter cleaner.

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Do not try and remove anything from the system yourself when using this cleaner. Instead, follow instructions from a professional such as a mechanic or car dealership. When you open a DPF filter, tiny particles can fly into your face because they are very hot. Besides this, the area is also very tight. As a result, it is hard to maneuver through. Always use protective gear during the use of a DPF filter cleaner.

Protective equipment such as gloves and goggles ensures nothing will get in your face if you decide to remove the filter yourself. You also need protective clothing in case any chemicals leak out of the car during this process. When using a DPF filter cleaner, you must be patient. The first time you use a cleaner on your vehicle, it will not be as clean as you expect, but this is normal. The idea is to have an engine free of soot particles instead of having a spotless filter.

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