Why Do Consumers Prefer To Buy Their Cars In-Person?

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People who’ve bought cars in the past and people who are considering their very first purchase can both benefit from the basics. Buying cars nowadays is much different than buying cars ten years ago, with technology and improved car models providing a new landscape to navigate for nearly everyone. Should you try a used car this time around or shell out a little extra for a brand new model? What are the benefits of a Ford dealership? A few minutes worth of reading will refresh you on car buying know-how and have you feeling good about where your money’s going.

Used Cars Are Affordable, Reliable And Common

There’s a lot to like about a used car. You can find plenty of different models to suit your tastes while managing your budget to the dollar. Between both private-party transactions and dealership sales over 40 million used vehicles will exchange hands every year. In fact, it’s thought the average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime. You don’t have to worry about a used car having inferior parts or not working properly, as each one has to go through a rigorous screening process before being deemed suitable for purchase.

Buying In-Person Is Often The Way To Go

Some prefer to invest in car leasing to have a more hands-off approach. Yet more others, however, want to buy their car in-person. A recent study by Autotrader’s Car Buyer Of The Future saw over 80% of consumers wanting to purchase their vehicle in-person. Another 40% of consumers see the dealership as a place to learn everything they can about owning and maintaining a vehicle. No matter your personal tastes, it never hurts to drop by your local Ford dealership to get a feel for what you’re buying.

Maintaining Your Car Is A Big Responsibility That Pays Off

When you head to a Ford dealership you take the first step toward a large responsibility that offers you countless benefits. Your car needs to be maintained on a constant basis, which includes yearly check-ups, oil changes and tire inflation. A recent survey found as many as 75% of cars on the road were in need of maintenance or major repairs. A National Highway Traffic Administration study found that cars with tires under-inflated by just 25% were three times more likely to get into a crash.

Choose A Brand That’s Known To Last

Why does the average Ford dealership see so many visitors? It’s all in the reputation. As of this year the Ford F-series is considered America’s best-selling truck for a stunning 40 consecutive years since it was launched in the 1970’s. You can buy a new model with all the latest features or seek out a used model that’s just a few years old to save you a little green. When it comes to a Ford Explorer or Ford Escape, you can trust that it’ll be a quality purchase each and every time.

Find A Dealership That Gives You A Quality Experience

Not everyone is a car expert. You don’t have to be to be a responsible car owner. When you visit a Ford dealership you should ask every question in the book to get a better idea as to where your hard-earned cash is going. Apply for a car loan with a solid idea as to how your credit score will apply to monthly payments. Make sure you invest in the difference between a used car or a brand new model making waves. This is a vehicle that could last you a few years to a decade, so going the extra mile to make it count will save you a lot of money (and stress) down the road. Literally!

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