Why Rims Are Important and Can Affect Your Vehicle’s Performance

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The rim on a car refers to the outer edge of the wheel to which the tire is mounted. Today, rims are a part of virtually all vehicles with wheels, though the idea goes all the way back to 2000 BC, when they were used around the wooden wheels of chariots. Rims have two basic characteristics: diameter and width.

The diameter of a rim is the measured from the inner edge of the tire through the center of the rim on to the opposite inner tire edge. The diameter of the rim determines the size of the tire that can be fitted to that rim. The width of a rim is messaged as the distance between the two rim flanges. At a minimum, the width of a rim should be three quarters the width of the tire and at maximum no more than the width of the tire.

Beyond these two basic characteristics, there are also different types of rim for use in different vehicles. For example, modern cars typically use one piece rims with what is known as a safety profile. A safety profile helps to keep a tire mounted to the rim by having a pair of safety humps extend inwardly from one side of the tire to the other. Heavy vehicles and trucks on the other hand often use removable multi piece rims.

Rims can have a huge effect on a vehicle’s performance depending on how they are set up. For example, if a rim is too narrow in relation to the tire, it can result in poor handling. Conversely, if a rim is too wide in relation to the tire, it can cause more vibrations and result in a bumpy ride. If rims get damaged or become misaligned, similar vehicle performance issue can arise. That is why it is important to see an autobody repair shop for rim repair or rim straightening if you suspect or know there is an issue with your rims. Many autobody repair shops can also perform rim mounting and balancing and even rim painting. More like this blog.


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