Why Used Car Owners Love Their Vehicles

For a number of reasons, people are holding on to their old cars longer than they used to. Odometer readings of 100,000, 150,000 and even 200,000 miles are common, and millions of people buy used cars every year. That’s because cars nowadays, and especially their engines, are made to run much longer than before. Old cars need some special care, however, and a regular maintenance schedule will help to keep your beloved auto running smoothly for many years to come.

How many miles on your odometer?
It’s a fact. People are holding on to their old cars much longer than they used to: as many as 20 million vehicles that will still be on the road will be over 25 years old in 2021, according to IHS Market research. While these may be the outliers, odometer readings of 150,000 and 200,000 miles are common. One of the reasons for this is quite simple. Newer cars, and their engines, are being made to last.
It’s not just hard economic times that make people hold on to their older cars. The engines are made to run for 200,000 miles, instead of the 100,000 miles of a generation ago. This makes it easier for people to keep their old cars for more than sentimental reasons. They’re still proving reliable service, which is what a car is for, after all. That’s also why so many people choose to buy used cars instead of new. For one thing, buying a used car lets you bypass the instant depreciation in value that goes with a brand new car.

Buying a used car
Used cars are also easier to buy now, since most dealers have put their entire inventory online, along with the Carfax report. This makes it easy to avoid models that have had any problems in the past. It’s also easier to get financing, with many dealerships offering onsite financing for one-stop auto buying. Most used car dealers work with anywhere from five to ten banks and lenders, so you can be sure of finding a good deal on the financing.

Counting private sales as well as purchases of cars from dealerships, the total number of used car sales reaches as high as 40 million each year.
On average, most cars will have had at least three owners over their lifespan. Used cars are a way of life now, and most used car owners wouldn’t have it any other way.

Caring for your used car
Old cars are now more reliable than ever before. But they do need some care and attention to keep them running smoothly. Oil changes are the basic care that your car needs, and a surprisingly large number of people neglect it. A regular oil change is also a chance to catch any other problems before they develop. Coolant and transmission flushes as scheduled by the manufacturer will likewise keep all necessary systems ticking along.
It’s equally important to take care of your brakes and tires. A regular oil change schedule helps you to stay on top of all of these things, and to get repairs and new tires as and when necessary. A little investment of time and money on your part will pay off big in terms of steady, reliable service from your beloved auto.

Last but not least, people hold on to their old cars because they love them. Used cars offer excellent value for money, without the depreciation in value that comes with buying a brand new car. If you are already a loyal used car owner, following a regular maintenance schedule will help you look after your car and to rely on it for years of service.

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