Professional Preventive Car Care Services Keeps the Mechanic Away!

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Professional preventive car care services can help you to reign in your auto repair costs. Preventive car care services are one of the best ways to keep your car on the road and your car repair costs down, which is important seeing that the average repair cost is over $300.   Preventive maintenance from a trusted car care specialist can help you enjoy worry-free operation, extend the life of your car and keep costs down.  

When Your Car Breaks Down

  Many times when a car breaks down it is because the owner missed out on some maintenance. Most people know that regular oil changes are an important part of their vehicle upkeep but that is not all that has to be addressed.   Regular check-ups for your vehicle should include:
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Full fluid check
  • Fuel injector tune-up if necessary
  • Tire inspection
  • Transmission fluid change, air cabin filter change
Regular oil changes and tire rotations are a great start but other things should be regularly done to your vehicle to ensure that you do not break down on the side of the road.     During your regular maintenance your mechanic should be giving your vehicle a once over to see if there is anything immediate that needs to be addressed like a brake pad change.   Ignoring small issues before they become problems can cause other damage to your vehicle that will drive up the cost of repairs. If you stay on top of the small repairs the cost can be contained.  

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

  With the right preventive care, you can extend the life of your vehicle. Being diligent about making repairs as they are needed and not putting them off you can prevent damage to other components of your vehicle.   The better you take care of your vehicle the better it will perform. Focused preventive maintenance that includes all the maintenance services that your vehicle needs will help you to keep your car on the road longer and ensure that it is always reliable.   Proper preventive car care services can also help to reduce your cars fuel consumption which of course also saves you money. Get the care for your vehicle that you can count on today!  

The Cost of Ignoring Vehicle Routine Maintenance

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With vehicles, there are two main reasons why it has to be brought into the shop: general catastrophe or routine maintenance. A general catastrophe would be something that would damage a vehicle very badly. But regardless of your vehicle’s accident history, your vehicle still needs routine maintenance.
Routine maintenance can consist of many things but it stands around a central premise: Every vehicle needs to be updated periodically as old parts wear out and new parts need to be put in. In this article, I’ll cover three of the main parts of routine maintenance for vehicles: brakes, tire rotation, and the oil change.
Brakes can last between 25,000 and 50,000 miles in a vehicle. When it comes to a brake inspection, it is important to look for the brake pads. There are two pads per rotor and