Going on Vacation? Get an Electric Brake Controller for Your RV

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Brake controller, Electric brakes on trailer, Trailer brake controls

Single axle trailer brake control
Are you planning a vacation with family or friends to one of the United States’ 16,000 public or private campgrounds? If so, then you’ll be out on the road–or at one of these campgrounds–for days, weeks, or even months.
Are you taking to the road in a recreational vehicle, or RV? If so, then you’re in good company. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association has estimated there are up to 30 million enthusiasts, including those that rent, rather than own, their RVs.
In the United States, 11% of adults between 25-to-54 years old own an RV. This is even more than than adults in the 55 or older bracket, 9.3% of whom own RVs.
If you’re planning to purchase an RV for an upcoming vacation, then there are two types, or categories, from which to choose–motorized RVs and RVs that