3 Things In Your Car That You Can Upgrade

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Custom replacement carpet, Replacing your automotive flooring, Restoration carpet

Car carpet
Do you feel like you need to change something about your car? Maybe you just feel like you’ve been driving around in the same chunk of metal for too long and want to just drive around in something different lately. Well, it may feel impossible for you to change your car entirely (especially if you’re still paying off the loans and debt you’re in because of it), but you can at least switch up the parts within the car to give it a totally different and new feel. Here is a list of three ways that you can do just that.
  1. Tinted Windows First, you can really upgrade the look and feel of your car if you darken the windows a little. Tinting windows is a classic way for you to enjoy an upgraded car. The dark windows can look sleek and stylish and maybe even make people believe you’re an important c