Hack My Ride Three Tips to Customize Your Vehicle Without Paying Body Shop Prices

Written by Car Talk. Posted in Bed liner spray guns, Truck bedliners, Vinyl wrap tape

Spray on bed liner
As knowledge becomes more readily accessible through the internet, many people are discovering the benefits of the “do-it-yourself” or DIY trend. Instead of paying hard earned money, many people are able to achieve quality results on a budget with the right tools and supplies. Instead of making arts and crafts, many people are finding ways to customize their vehicles without paying body shop prices.
Quality Auto Paint
Getting a new paint job for your vehicle can cost a car owner thousands of dollars at a body shop; thankfully there is a way to achieve quality results at home for those who have a few days or weekends to spare. Start by removing the existing paint using 1200- and 2000-grit wet-and-dry sandpaper — it is recommended that you strip the vehicle down to the metal, b