Tips to Keep Your Car Running Longer

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Americans love their cars, that is no secret. This is one of the reasons that the average car driving around on the roads of the United States is at least 11 years old. From keeping your car from needing auto body work to doing general preventative maintenance, you can keep your car running with these tips.

1. Pay attention to the specific needs of your car. When you buy a car, it comes with a manual and the manufacturer has listed a service schedule for the specific make and model. You should pay attention to this service schedule. A Chevy car will have different needs than other kinds of cars. When you follow the maintenance schedule that comes from th

A car dealer can help you find the perfect new or used car for any stage of life

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My First Car
Armed with the most recent reviews, I quietly moved in an out of closed car dealerships in my hometown making notes about models, prices and mileage in my search for the perfect car to take me through college and into my first job. I knew that I wanted something that would get good gas mileage as I anticipated making the 3.5 hour trip from college and back home with some frequency. Of course reliability was a huge consideration as I didn’t want to be stranded in a strange town miles from friends or family. And finally, I wanted this car to reflect my personality as an emerging adult. New or used, I was open to the possibilities the dealership could offer.