Does Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Cracks?

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Car windshield cracks
Have you been driving around for months with that same windshield crack? Car windshield cracks are actually very common. Yet, many people tend to ignore them when they are very small. They may spread quickly, eventually taking over the entire windshield. They also might stay a tiny crack for many months, or years. Because you can never predict the growth of a windshield crack, many drivers do not know when they should have it repaired.

The different types of windshield cracks
There are mainly, two different types of windshield cracks. There are long cracks, which are the ones that spread from the initial crack place to the other side of the windshield. There are also short cracks, which are just a small crack up to 6 inches. The most common type of windshield crack is an edge crack, but they can be either short cracks of long cracks. About 70 to 80% of cracked or replacement windshields are edge cracked with an impact point less than two inches from the edge where there is a manufacturing defect in the glass. Long windshield crack repairs may cost more and take longer, but may also be more dangerous to keep present.

The importance of the placement of the windshield crack
Deciding whether or not to immediately use windshield repair resins on your windshield crack will depend on a couple of factors, especially the placement of the windshield crack. Even the smallest of cracks that are located directly in the view of the driver can be problematic. They can affect the driver from clear visibility and can increase the chances of an auto accident. If the crack increases at all, it will also decrease the overall visibility. If your windshield crack is in the direct line of your vision, it is very important to immediately get windshield repair resins.

How to repair your windshield crack
Another problem with getting immediate windshield repair resins or replacement of windshield crack is that drivers do not know where to go. Although you can purchase a home car windshield crack repair kit or home resins for windshield repairs, it is usually better to have it professionally repaired. Recent national statistics show that nearly 8 out 10 auto glass replacements fail to be installed properly and safely. If your windshield is not repaired or installed correctly, it could put you at risk of injury.

Possible insurance coverage of windshield repairs
It is also possible that your windshield damage is covered under your insurance policy. Even if you do not know the exact cause of the windshield crack, your insurance provider may cover it. Special windshield coverage is sometimes written into a policy?s terms and conditions to offer a smaller deductible amount for a full replacement. The average broken glass policy deductible can range from $100 to $300, much cheaper than a regular insurance claim deductible. You can always call your insurance provider or inspect your policy. If they do cover it, make sure you go to a windshield replacement provider that is accepted. You also want to ensure that you are replacing according to your insurance standards. For example, windshield repair resins might not be allowed for long cracks, instead, a full replacement might be required.

Windshield cracks can easily occur. A stray rock or pebble can bounce off of the pavement and hit the windshield. While many drivers continue to drive, this can actually be dangerous. It is best to have your windshield repaired as soon as possible, especially if you have a long crack or a crack that impairs your visibility. Work with your insurance provider to see if repairs or resins are covered. Don?t wait too long to take care of it, as the crack can spread and damage the overall integrity of the windshield.

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