A Nearly Complete Automotive Jobs List

Do you love cars and want to work with them but aren’t sure what career is right for you? Then check out our automotive jobs list right away to learn more! We compiled as many car-related careers as we could think of in one list to highlight their benefits. Read through this list and we guarantee that you’ll find something that you enjoy doing.

Automotive Upholstery Repair

First on our automotive jobs list is upholstery repair. This career is a great option for people who may not have a lot of mechanical skills but who love working on cars all the same. That’s because upholstery work will let them work in cars to repair damaged upholstery and make it more attractive. Upholstery repair specialists have many duties that they must do while at work.

For example, auto upholstery repair includes inspecting the interior of the vehicle for any damage throughout its upholstery. These problems can include things like tears and rips, as well as stains. Upholstery specialists will then carefully fix these problems by mending the tears or replacing the upholstery, as needed. They typically get paid by the hour and for all materials used on the job.

Most upholstery specialists will work with an auto repair team, including with dealers who focus on specific models. However, upholstery repair experts can also work independently, such as setting up a specialized shop. Sometimes, these professionals can even perform repairs on delivery by coming directly to a person’s home or shop and fixing their upholstery right on the spot.

Airport Limousine Service

Limo service is another job on our automotive jobs list that requires no special mechanical skills. Airport limousine services are a particularly popular option because there is such a high demand. People arriving in a new area on a plane may rent a limo to take them to their hotel or to tour the area for several days. Others may just need transportation to a car rental destination. The options are endless.

For example, an airport limo service can include just one limo with high-quality amenities, such as high-comfort seats, specialized entertainment options, and courier service to the hotel. Other companies may set up multiple limos to suit the needs of multiple customers at many pay levels.

Companies like these often set up contracts with various airports in their area, ensuring that their region gets the service that it needs. However, they may also work as an employee for an airport or even set up independent taxi services separately from the airport. The multiple options here make limo services a great option for people who want to make money driving.

Vehicle Wrapping Services

Here’s another interesting auto career that many people may not think of right away. Vehicle wrapping services are becoming more popular every day and provide unique job opportunities for many people. They typically take entry-level employees at higher levels than other auto jobs, which makes it a great option for people trying to break into the tough automotive field.

This option deserves to be on our automotive jobs list because it’s one of the easiest skills to learn but one of the highest earning. With just a few weeks of training, you can become a vehicle wrapping specialist and start making money. There are many situations that may call for these wraps, as well, which makes them an in-demand option for personal and commercial use.

For instance, a car owner may wrap their vehicle to get extra protection against snow and ice. They may also wrap their car instead of painting it to change its appearance permanently or temporarily. Alternatively, commercial advertising companies may use an auto wrapping service to put their advertisements on vehicles and create a fleet of mobile advertisements.

General Automotive Repair

When most people think about working with cars, they probably imagine general automotive repair jobs. These are very popular throughout the nation and are in very heavy demand. With the increasing complexity of modern cars, auto repair specialists not only do things that the average person cannot but can make a lot of money at the same time, but they’ll be doing a lot of tough work.

For instance, you might have to pull an engine out of a car, replace its multiple belts and devices or even install an entirely new engine. After performing these steps, you may then have to work on the tires, including filling, repairing, replacing, or even balancing the tires. Some mechanics work upwards of 12 or more hours a day, so be prepared to work a lot when training for this position.

So, while you’ll definitely have to go through a training program to learn this skill, we have to include this on our automotive jobs list. Thankfully, training programs should be available from many sources, such as local community colleges and even universities. Don’t forget that trade schools are designed to get you trained and ready to do a job as quickly as possible, often in as little as a few months.

Automotive Accident Lawyer

Of all the jobs on our automotive jobs list, this is the one that requires the most training. If you’re interested in helping people after a serious car accident, this is the career for you. However, you’ll need to earn a law degree and become a licensed attorney after passing the bar. That said, this career does have one of the highest potential salaries of any car-related career on this list.

That’s because many people are likely to come to you to get help in lawsuits. They may either need to get defended by a car accident attorney who understands their rights or need help pursuing a lawsuit. This step may include finding someone who can defend them against an unfair lawsuit or pursuing one after a serious accident makes it nearly impossible for them to work.

The nice thing about pursuing a legal job is that you can often transition to other positions, as long as you have the proper training. For instance, you may find it easy to adjust to a job as a general lawyer or someone working in auto safety lawsuits. Whatever path you take, there should be plenty of unique options for you to pursue when becoming an auto accident legal professional.

Automotive Locksmith

Starting a locksmith service is often a great way to work with cars without a lot of mechanical training. While you will require some classes to learn how to work with locks, you shouldn’t have to take too many complex courses. It’s not quite as complex as working with cars and should be something that most people can easily learn without long or challenging training periods.

Like other jobs on our automotive jobs list, you may simply learn about this career by taking a few classes. You’ll need to earn a license to do this job and buy several types of equipment, such as lock-picking devices. The nice thing about this, though, is that you may only need a handful of different things to start your job and can even do it part-time if that makes more sense for you.

Even better, you can start a side hustle with this job at first, unlocking doors and gradually building your reputation. You can then start either a full-time position or get a job with a police agency, car repair shop, or even a car dealership.

Driveway Paving Contractor

When you consider an automotive jobs list, you might not immediately think of a driveway contractor. That’s understandable but unfortunate because this career can be a simple one to transition into with minimal training. You’ll learn how to handle things like concrete pouring machines and mixers and learn how to work with various types of pavement before you begin this career.

Thankfully, there are many types of paving available that you can learn how to work within this job. For example, concrete is common for many homes, sidewalks, and even commercial facilities. However, you can also learn about options like asphalt, gravel, and much more. All these options provide you with plenty of career opportunities in various fields.

Just as importantly, you can get a job with a contractor to learn these skills and work your way up to full licensing. After getting your license, you can consider becoming an independent contractor. Doing so gives you the career flexibility that you want and deserve.

Garage Door Installation Service

Another job that might not be obvious on an automotive jobs list is working in garages. However, installing new doors on a garage helps you stay around cars and can also improve your resume in many ways. Most people who learn how to repair these doors go through on-site training, which makes it easier for them to master this skill. They may also learn a few skills at a trade school.

Even better, there are many companies hiring people who know how to work with garage doors. For instance, a garage door installation company may partner with building contractors and work with them in all their jobs. Or you can set up an independent company that people can contact for help, such as garage door shops, installation teams, or even repair experts.

That’s one of the nicest things about this job: you can get into installation, maintenance, and even repair. Maintenance and repair require slightly different skill sets and training but are close enough that you shouldn’t struggle to find a job. Even becoming an independent contractor is a great option for people interested in learning how to service doors on garages.

Muffler Service

Working with mufflers is another great job that fits well into our automotive jobs list. That’s because you’ll be working directly with cars but in a more limited way. Rather than having to work with multiple parts, you’ll just focus on fixing mufflers. As a result, your training is more specialized and quicker to finish, and may even include nothing more than on-the-job training.

Just as importantly, muffler service is always in high demand. People can’t let their mufflers go bad or their car might get pulled over and ticketed. Even worse, they might end up damaging their vehicle or causing other types of long-term problems. Fixing and repairing mufflers is typically a quick job, as well, meaning that you can get people in and out of the shop without a lot of waiting.

Even better, it’s usually quite easy to find a job in some way working with mufflers. For example, you might work as an independent repair expert or with car dealers. Some might even get jobs with national repair companies or even mechanics. Some large-scale mechanic shops often hire specialized workers who provide one or two services to ensure they can be handled properly.

Golf Cart Service Dealer

Last, but not least, you could always consider getting a job with golf cart dealers near you. These carts operate similarly to automobiles but have slightly different designs. For example, some may only run with batteries, which makes them easier to repair. Others have gas-operated engines that require a mechanic who truly understands the complexities of internal combustion engines.

Even better, you may transition to a full-time auto mechanic position after working with golf carts. While these vehicles ultimately do have quite different designs, you’ll be working with your hands in ways that other jobs on this automotive jobs list don’t allow. As a result, it should be easier to transition to full-time automotive repair if that suits your personality better.

That said, golf cart mechanics can still make good money working with dealers, golf carts, and other professionals. While you might not make as much as a “real” mechanic, you’ll still make great wages. Just as importantly, you may be able to start your own repair company and work with golf courses or cart dealers to set up recurring repairs and services for their many vehicles.

After reading this automotive jobs list, read through your nearby trade schools and community colleges to see what kind of training programs are available for you. Contact these institutions and talk about setting up a class. Taking control of your life in this way can help you transition to the auto-related career that makes the most sense for you. So get out there right away to learn more!

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